Business - Basic Installation

A basic installation (up to 5 miles from an Access Point) uses a Tranzeo TR-SL2 (3 Year Labor / 5 Year Parts Warranty) and setup, costs $225.00
Installation includes use a mounting arm, but if a 21 foot mast is required, there is an additional charge of $85

If the distance is an issue, you need more than 8 devices, throughput is an issue, or the type of application requires it, a Tranzeo TR-6015, 6019, 6000N (3 year warranty) may be necessary which, with installation costs **Call**

  • Will support VPN
  • Static/Public IP address
  • Use a business customer only access point
  • Provides more reliable service for "real time" applications such as client/server applications
  • Synchronous bandwidth delivered (i.e. download and upload speed similar)
  • Significantly lower latency issue than satellite Internet services

All installations include network configuration of computers plus:

  • installation of Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and SuperAntiSpyware (anti spyware software)
  • configuration of email client with email accounts (featuring anti-virus and anti-spam filtering)
  • inspection to insure computer meets minimum Internet security requirements (including sale and installation of anti-virus software as needed)
  • all email has virus and SPAM filtering and is accessible through webmail
  • Web hosting uses PLESK
NOTE: Customers own their equipment and warranties on equipment govern cost-no cost replacement. i.e. if a warranty exists, repair or replacement is covered by the warranty. If the equipment is out of warranty, then the customer pays for repair or replacement. Warranties cover manufacturer defects, not user sustained damage.
The recurring monthly charge is $65.00* (plus any additional charges for other services)