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I understand that due to the nature of the Wireless Network provided by Internet Extension, I will be required to provide a firewall and current, up-to-date anti-virus software in order to protect myself and others on the local network and the Internet.The minimum requirement is Windows XP with SP2 (firewall enabled) and Norton Anti-Virus (or equivalent). Earlier version of Windows must have Norton Internet Security (or equivalent)with the firewall and anti-virus correctly configured.

I understand that Internet Extension provides an Internet connection and is not responsible for computer problems that I may have. Therefore, if I have a hardware, software or virus problem, it is my responsibility.

If my computer is infected with some form of worm, Trojan Horse or other virus and it is a threat to the rest of the network, I understand that Internet Extension may remove me from the network. Furthermore, if my computer or other equipment are misconfigured or are misbehaving on the network, I may be removed from the network or at least required to fix the problem as soon as possible.

I understand that Internet Extension can provide firewall and anti virus software from Connecting Point Computer Centers in Bend. Any further problems with this software or it's configuration should be handled through Connecting Point Computer Centers.