Wireless Internet Service Provider
  • We are the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) of the Oregon Outback.
  • Our Wi-Fi service provides the Christmas Valley, Fort Rock and Silver Lake area with broadband Internet service.
  • We bring high speed Internet access to the rural area without cable, telephone lines (for DSL) or satellite dishes.
  • Our Wi-Fi network, typically, is at least 27X faster than dialup* 3x-4x faster than basic satellite service**.

Full Web Hosting Services
  • We offer a complete web hosting service.
  • Use your own domain name.
  • Included are email and discussion lists.
  • NO bandwidth or storage limits (within reason).
  • Use the latest web technology with PLESK CP.
  • Use Sitebuilder to construct and edit your own web pages.


Other Services
  • Design, Build and Maintain Computing and Network Systems for Small Business customers
  • Integration of Windows, Macintosh and UNIX Systems to Meet Business Requirements
  • Repairs and Warranty Work Through Connecting Point Computer Centers***
  • Web/Email Hosting with PLESK
  • Free Phone and Email Support for Customers

* Based on maximum throughput of 56kb on a dialup modem
** Based on 512kb download of a basic satellite service plan.
*** If you need certain hardware repairs or encounter software problems, we recommend Connecting Point Computer Centers.
Their A+ certified and Apple certified technicians can get your repairs completed efficiently and you can purchase new software and hardware from them.

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