What Computer and Network Services do we provide?

Regular Maintenance Agreements

- In order to insure that you never loose a minute of productivity to a computer or network outage, we provide pre-emptive maintenance. We manage your upgrades, updates, check file and disk integrity. We cover your firewall and anti-virus requirements. We come to your location for service. We do not expect you to bring all your equipment to us. For most of our clients, we perform services at a convenient time (after hours or weekends) so as to not interfere with their normal operations. There may be circumstances where a repair can be performed in a more cost effective manner at our office/shop.

($90.00 per hour - 1 hour minimum per month) ($125.00 per hour for emergency service)

Design and Build Your Computing System and Network

- Whether you have one computer connected to the Internet through a modem or you have 20 computers, file servers, backup drive, remote dial in, router and network switches, we can help you with your computer and networking requirements. From assisting you in the design, to building it for you (and subsequent maintenance), we will provide you with solutions.
Web Hosting

- This means your web site hosted on our web server/email server and you maintain it. We can host your domain name for you. We use the simple, feature rich PLESK Control Panel. ($10.00 per month basic, $12.00 per month - we maintain domain name, $20.00 per month - we manage services and $90.00 per hour if we edit webpages)
What Computer and Network Services we DO NOT provide?

Hardware and Some Software Repairs

- Internet Extension does install network cable inside for wiring a building. We will subcontract the work to an electrician as needed.
- Internet Extension does NOT provide computer repair. Should your computer or other equipment require repair, virus clean up etc., you can take your hardware to Connecting Point Computer Centers in Bend for their A+ certified technicians to work on it. You can call Connecting Point Computer Centers (541-385-6757) and "phone in" an order for hardware or software and Internet Extension will get it to you.

Cost of other Services

- Please call us (888) 382 - 2233 or email us for a quotation of cost.