Installation, monthly fees and terms of service

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Installation cost is paid for "at time of installation".

The Tranzeo Customer Premise Equipment features:

  • Antenna is built into the panel along with the radio
  • Does not use heavy coax, uses Category 5e network cable
  • Can provide DHCP-NAT routing for multiple computers instead of requiring a separate router
  • Provides "Quality of Service" traffic management
  • Powerful radios are ideally suited for rural environments
  • Mounting arm included with install (unless 21 foot mast is required @ $95 extra)
  • Note that the quoted bandwidth delivered are "up to" speeds. Meaning that environmental issues can lower delivered bandwidth.
Bandwidth & Pricing
Effective January 1, 2011
5.0 mbps download
1.0 mbps upload
in Christmas Valley

7.0 mbps download
1.0 mbps upload
in Christmas Valley

Monthly Cost
Web/Domain Hosting
Yes ($10 per month - no support)
Yes ($10 per month - no support)
Public IP Addresses
On - Site Support
Computer & Network
Billed Per Hour
Billed Per Hour

Minimum requirements

  1. Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Mac OS 10.4 OK, (Linux, BSD, Ubuntu, etc are the responsibility of customer)
  2. network interface card,
  3. specified anti-virus software,
  4. clear line of sight,
  5. within operational distance to Access Point limits,
  6. permanent structure to install antenna on (either mast or mounting arm),
  7. no generator power, must have Mid-State Electric
Reconnection of Service or Moving Service Location top

Typically, in order to reconnect your service, the hardware must be tested, and the configuration of the network adapter, bridge, router, etc must be reset. The computer is examined for a firewall and anti-virus software or other issues that may impact the network. If you request to be disconnected for any reason or any length of time, reconnection applies.

If all the equipment is still available, a reconnection or move costs - $60.00

  • This amount covers any CAT5 cable, connectors, etc and the labor of the installer coming to your business or residence.
  • This amount may run higher if equipment must be replaced.
  • Your computer and network are completely inspected to insure your Internet Security and network configuration and updates are taken care of.

If service has been interrupted or there is any past due balance, it must be paid before reconnection or move is made.
Additional Computer and Network Services top

Internet Extension may provide additional service for maintenance and certain installations.

These services are billed at $90.00 per hour or $150.00 per hour for expedited service. This would include:

  • Network installation or upgrade
  • Certain types of computer diagnosis or repair not requiring a normal repair shop
  • On-site maintenance of computers and network equipment

Please note that our obligation is to support your internet connectivity. If there is a problem with your Internet connectivity, support is free as part of your service unless replacement equipment not covered by warranty is required. Our responsibility ends at your "network interface card" or "network interface adapter". However, if there are problems with your computer, we will determine the problem on site and then it is your decision as to it's repair.

If you are one of our WISP customers, at the time of installation, we will assess your hardware for optimal performance and also, we can provide you Norton Anti-Virus for both Macintosh or Windows (Purchased from Connecting Point Computer Centers, Bend).

Additional items that are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for installation or reconnection

At the time of installation, or a reconnection, there are a few things you should consider in order to safeguard your computer. These items can be provided through Connecting Point Computer Centers in Bend.

"Anti-Virus" (et al) protection
Norton Anti-Virus 2011 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 systems - $20.00
Norton Anti-Virus for the Macintosh - $69.99

Power protection (Do NOT use a "Surge Suppressor")
American Power Conversion, Uninterruptible Power Supply
750va (mid sized systems) - $99.99
American Power Conversion, Uninterruptible Power Supply
350va (small systems) - $49.99

* This cost can be higher if your installation requires more equipment or non-standard equipment.

Stipulations for Service top

1. Payment of monthly service charges or other invoices must be made within 15 days of receipt of statement or invoice. Time is of the essence.

2. Internet Extension does not own the customer’s equipment. The customer owns their equipment and is responsible for maintaining the equipment. Part of the installation cost is for purchase of the equipment and the remainder is for the labor fee for the installer. All equipment normally has at least a three-year manufacturer's warranty and the owner can exercise that warranty. Internet Extension can assist a customer with replacement of failed equipment.

3. If you have “computer problems” that is not a network problem. You may contact Internet Extension and your service may be interrupted and you will not be billed. There is a minimum of one month necessary for your service to be interrupted, in order for the customer to not be billed.

4. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure proper grounding and to use an “uninterruptible power supply” (UPS) to protect against power outages and surges.

5. Installation charges must be paid for at the time of the installation. Installation charges will not be deferred. Antennas will only be mounted on permanent structures. No generator power will be used to provide electricity to the computers or networking equipment.

6. Customers must meet a minimum threshold of Internet Security. This includes an approved firewall and anti-virus software. If a customer’s computer is infected or a security risk, they can be removed from the network, for the protection of other customers, until the computer has been repaired. See item 3 for minimum billing requirements. Minimum threshold of Internet Security is at least, Windows Firewall, Norton Anti-Virus and Ad Aware.

7. Customers that are more than 60 days past due will have service interrupted until the balance is brought current. Reconnection will be at the discretion of Internet Extension and a reconnection fee.

8. Customers using their Internet Extension service inappropriately or illegally will be terminated.

9. Customers have a right to purchase upgraded equipment or their own initial equipment as long as Internet Extension approves it, in advance. Internet Extension must install and configure any equipment that is used to connect to the network. Internet Extension will NOT install used or non-standard equipment.

10. Peer-to-Peer applications such as BiTorrent and Limewire are most often used for downloading copyrighted material from individual’s computers (illegally), which can also be infected. Some video/audio streams are not network friendly. Use of these applications can overload the network and affect other customers. We will disconnect any users that use these applications that cause any impact on the network.

11. Internet Extension is NOT your computer repair source. Internet Extension is your Internet Service Provider. We DO NOT repair computers. We will try to help. If your computer has a problem that is not network related, contact Connecting Point Computer Centers in Bend at 541-385-6757.